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Road & Street Lighting Works

  • To Mark the locations on the respective place before installing the Poles & Feeder Pillars
  • Installation shall be carried out under the supervision of ARAR and as per the Shop drawings approved by Consultant & RTA with all necessary care and precautions.
  • Fix the Luminaries with proper recommended torque tightness (according to the size of bolt & Nuts) prior to installation of Poles.
  • Installation of Poles shall be carried out with proper foundation bolts to be tightened to the torque level. Feeder Pillars shall be installed above the foundation and foundation level shall be checked with sprit level prior to the installation.
  • Earthing of Poles & Feeder Pillars shall be carried out as per the earthing layout plan drawings.
  • Final alignment of Poles after the installation shall be checked with sprit level and visually.
  • Ensure that the area is clean and tidy from all unwanted packing materials and others after the installation works.
  • Insulation resistance shall be checked on cables as per the Test format approved by Consultant/RTA to ensure the healthiness of Cable insulation. Calibrated 1000V Megger shall be used for checking of Insulation Resistance of the cable.
  • Earthing resistance shall be checked on the individual copper earth rod at Feeder Pillar and end poles as per the Test format approved by the Consultant/RTA.
  • After testing, cables shall be connected at the Feeder Pillar terminals and Poles as per the approved Single Line Diagram and ensure the Street Lightings are fit for commissioning.
  • Permanent Power supply shall be obtained from DEWA for the Feeder Pillars as per DEWA procedure.